Established in 2016 the Canadian Organization for Democratic Elections (CODE) is a not-for-profit NGO located in Ottawa Canada.  CODE Canada is dedicated to the promotion of sustainable democratic development and works to strengthen electoral management bodies worldwide by building and enhancing local capacity.  CODE Canada works to strengthen political and civic organizations with the delivery of professional advisory services, operational support, and best management practices.

CODE Canada works with electoral management bodies and other electoral stakeholders to build upon existing positive structures and supports constructive democratic change through partnerships to assist and enhance electoral management systems.

“Madam, I wish to congratulate you on your new venture and I look forward to working closely with you, your colleagues and the sector stakeholders.”

Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan
Honorary Chairman of the Board, CODE Canada

CODE Canada works to spread the power of democracy through inclusive and effective democratic governance. 

CODE Canada builds on the skills and experiences of electoral bodies, and electoral stakeholders to enhance sustainable and inclusive democratic practices to strengthen the electoral process.

CODE Canada's goal is to be Canada’s premier and leading not-for-profit agency in support of electoral management bodies and international electoral stakeholders worldwide.

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