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Local CODE Canada partner distributes Masks

CODE Canada has provided funds to its local  partner in Accra, Ghana with funds to procure and distribute disposable face masks for its activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without masks many important activities cannot be held. Seen here students 13-15 years participating in an outreach/ education and awareness program on sexual harassment in shcools. Masks were provided to participants by CODE Canada partner GenCED, read more about GenCED and their work in Ghana.

Élections au Mali : Un calendrier électoral au forceps

Les autorités maliennes ont enfin rendu public un calendrier électoral définitif mettant fin à la transition déclenchée après la chute du régime d’IBK Read more

Sister agency EMS-SGE provides funding

Electoral Management Systems has provided funds to CODE Canada to supply and ship by DHL 5,000 disposable face masks for the Electoral Office of Jamaica. The PPE masks will help provide protection to workers against Covid-19 in their regular daily tasks. The masks were shipped by DHL to assure rapid delivery and quicker distribution to personnel in the capital and around the country. Read More about the EOJ